How to become part of our staff!


Requirements for becoming staff

Age of 13+ 

Being Active on our forums, teamspeak and server.

Mature (not like "owner pls give me admin im 21 yeers old!!!!111oneone!!1)

Being active everyday (unless you are on vacation of course)

Friendly, cooperative and helpful.

Template for becoming staff!








Steam Profile:



Why do you want to become a staff member (2 paragraphs):



How can you help the server (2 paragraphs):



How much time can you spend on our server a day:



How many warnings do you have:



Did you ever get banned/kicked? If answer is YES for what reason:



Useful ULX commands (from the top of your head not from the internet!):



Have you ever been staff on any other server? If yes what was your rank and how long were you staff?:



How we pick

1. Handpick applied people for staff.


2. Interview them on teamspeak about things (Secret!)


3. If they pass, they will be tested in a real case scenario


4. If they pass that, we discuss with all our staff 


5. Have them as moderator for the week. If they are good congratz! 


6. They will be mentored and if they dont give up yet, they are officially part of our staff team!

What YOU can do to help us pick.

You may +support their application or -support their application. Please give strong reasons for why they should become staff and why they shouldnt become staff.